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Rusty(center) meets Lulu and another Rusty, and their humans.

Rusty is by no means an aggressive dog, but many would've thought she was if they had seen her when we first started with her.  Every dog that came close, she wanted to viciously attack.  Many of you have dogs like her.  They've become confined to their backyards because you can't take them out, when that is really what they need to get better. 

We take your dogs out for some serious exercise.  Releasing that pent up energy is a big step towards building a healthy character.  We meet other dogs every chance we get.  We may already have dogs in your neighborhood who we can introduce your dogs to.  You will see a night and day difference in your dogs.  What we do helps to make the world a better place to live.


Rusty(right) gets along fine with her new friend, Rusty.  That wasn't the case initially.


"Boy, Aaron sure wears you out!" Rusty pants to her new friend Lulu.


Rusty befriends Molly.


Mini-Max came from a pet store where he was in a display by himself at a crucial time in his development when he should have been establishing relationships with other dogs, then later only socialized with the other dog he lived with.  As a result, he is skittish around other dogs.  Walking and sniffing around gives him something to do to take his mind off of what the dog next to him is doing.  Being close to another dog while in this state of mind helps in getting over his fear of other dogs.  Here he and Chloe read the daily news.


Max, Geddy, "Mini"Max, Izzie, and Lucca.

Max, Izzie, and Lucca continue to work on their social skills and, here, Geddy and "Mini"Max help them out.  Big Max, sensing Mini-Max's fear, initially pushed him around a little to toughen him up.  Mini-Max and Izzie now play-fight without any scolding from big Max.  See us on the Bring A Buddy page to see how you and your neighbors can get the best rates anywhere.


Hi, I'm Tonka.  I'm an English Bull Puppy.  Aaron comes over midday so I can go potty outside.  He knows how important it is for me to be around other balanced dogs so that I don't grow up fearful and aggressive. So, whenever he can, he brings a buddy with him.  This is my friend, Bodhi, and below is my friend, Modock.  Click on my name to see more pictures.

Tonka and friends



Lucy is wary of Cleo at their first meeting.  Lucy is ok around other dogs as long as they keep their mouths about a foot away from hers.  Otherwise, there is trouble.


Buddy makes friends with the horses that we see on our morning run through the arroyo near his home.


Misty is still not quite sure about the horses.



Louie learns to be not so afraid of things with the help of Aly (above) and Annie (below).