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I've put a lot of time and hard work into building the best dog exercising and pet sitting service around.  Please take the time to see the exceptional care that A Dog's Life provides for your pets on our site's other pages. 


At A Dog's Life, we try to meet the needs and budgets of as many dogs and owners as possible with an extensive pricing schedule.  RATES ARE NOT PER DOG!  Rates are per household!  Whether you have one dog or three, the following rates apply. Initial meeting with you and your dog is FREE.


Walks, Runs, Play,


Vacation visits


We offer the following rates anytime, day or night, rain or shine

Whether you require an occasional visit or walk, would like daily exercise for an active dog,

or anything in between, we are always here for you.

When walking with other dogs, the times below are extended by 10 min. per additional household.


  Regular Use                    Occasional Use


  (Weekly)                        (Vacations)


20 min. .... $22                20 min. .... $24


30 min. .... $27                30 min. .... $30


45 min. .... $34                45 min. .... $38


60 min. .... $40                60 min. .... $45

Beyond Camarillo add $3-5




Social Play


Socialization and vigorous, well-supervised play.  We take an interactive roll in their experience, motivating your dog to play, chasing him, etc.  Interaction with other dogs is well monitored.  We make sure fresh, cool, non-slobbery water is available at all times.


45 min. ....$27 for one dog, $10 each additional dog






Flexible to meet your dog's lifestyle, a minimum of 12 hours, typically from 7pm to 7am, often longer.

plusour Sleepovers


include a 30 min. walk/visit during the day.


Dogs need human companionship.  That's why they are dogs and not wolves.  Our Sleepovers are designed to care for your pets  and house for a full day while you are away.  We will try to stick to their regular routine as much as possible.  We have handled numerous medications including subcutaneous fluids, and are experienced in taking care of many special needs your pets may have.  A Sleepover includes about 3 hours of companionship prior to bedtime.  When its time to go to sleep, if your dog usually hogs up most of the bed with you, they'll hog up most of the bed with us, too!  Waste removal and any other reasonable household needs (e.g. mail, newspaper, plants, etc.) are also handled.


One Dog ....$70


Two Dogs ....$85


Three or more ....$100


To substitute two 20 min. visits for the included 30 min. visit, please add $20.
Beyond Camarillo add $10-20



                                                                                                                 Pet Taxi

$50/hr.+ 60¢/mi.




Other Services


We will try to meet any other pet needs you may have at $50 hourly.